Terms of Use


Recharge2Cash provides a collection of online resources which includes but not limited to airtime recharge/Virtual Top Up, data services, bills payment, SMS services and various email services, (referred to hereafter as "the Service") subject to the following Terms of Use ("TOU").
By using the service in any way, you agree to comply with the TOU and any applicable posted guidelines for all services, which may change from time to time. Should you object to any term or condition of the TOU, any guidelines, or any subsequent modifications thereto or become dissatisfied with Recharge2Cash. in any way, your only recourse is to immediately discontinue use of Recharge2Cash.
By using our site, the following conditions must be adhered to.

1.1) You must have carefully read and understood our terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer before sign up.
1.2) You are required to sign up with your real names which must tally with your bank account name.
1.3) A user is entitled to just one account. Any user found with multiple accounts stands the risk of having one of his accounts closed permanently without refund of his/her balance (if any).

Your Recharge2Cash wallet can be funded through airtime transfer, mobile transfer, bank deposit or Paystack. You are required to login to our platform, then choose your preferred mode of funding.
2.1) It is important to note that VTU airtime is NOT accepted on Recharge2Cash.
2.2) If a user is depositing using the airtime transfer (MTN Share 'n' Sell, Airtel Me2u, Glo EasyShare or 9mobile transfer) method, he/she is required to correctly provide the required information, such as amount, network etc., on the website or app before sending the airtime.
2.2.1) Once you have successfully submitted the request to convert your airtime to cash, sending your airtime across to Recharge2Cash should not exceed 6 minutes, otherwise, the system invalidates your request and tenders it void and invalid.
2.2.3) You understand that all airtime deposited are final and cannot be reversed.
2.2.4) It is advised you create a request or make a deposit by yourself. Recharge2Cash will not bear the consequences of whatever issue that comes up as a result of you disclosing your login details to a third party.

3.1) You are responsible for any airtime you sell to Recharge2Cash. By selling to us, you can confirm that it rightfully belongs to you and that it was gotten through a legitimate source. Recharge2Cash will not be held responsible for any fraudulent airtime being sold to her.
3.2) In a situation where fraudulent cases arises as a result of the airtime you sold to us with detailed proofs, we will be compelled to give out your transaction details to the bodies involved for necessary investigation.
3.3) Recharge2Cash advices her customers to transact with a designated phone numbers belonging to them alone. If you feel you are incapacitated at the moment, thereby obligating you to allow the third-party send airtime through you, you shall also take full responsibility of it.

4.1) Recharge2Csash accepts airtime of all networks. The convinience fee for MTN is 20%, Airtel and 9Mobile is 25%, and Glo at 35%.
4.2) These rates are not fixed. Recharge2Cash reserves the right to alter it at any given point in time without a prior notice to customers.

5.1) Recharge2Cash, as the fastest airtime to cash converter in Nigeria charges ₦100 for any withdrawals to your bank account. At our own discretion, we can also charge a lesser amount for bank withdrawals into some specific banks.
5.2) Users are to ensure that the bank details provided for payment are correct and the account name corresponds with the name used to sign up on Recharge2Cash. If faulted, such withdrawal will not be honoured.
5.3) After making one Share 'n' Sell (SnS) transaction, you must request withdrawal and receive the payment for the airtime into your bank account before you sell another airtime.

6.1) By using our site, you have agreed not to spam airtime to cash requests. You stand the risk of having your account closed permanently and losing your balances (if any) when found wanting.
6.2) While creating any deposit request using the airtime to cash, endeavor to input correctly your number with which you are using to send the airtime, otherwise, the system considers it as spamming.

7.1) As courtesy demands, registering with us means you support a civil environment and should not by any way harass or speak against other users. If found wanting, you stand the risk of getting your account deactivated permanently.
7.2) If a customer is offended either by virtue of coincidence, misconception or website activities, he or she must channel his anger appropriately. This is done by forwarding an elaborate complaint to the website customer care using the support ticket feature or via the official email address stated on our website. This will be treated with matter of urgency and have it resolved as soon as possible.

8.1) We can be reached via support@recharge2cash.com or using the support ticket function when logged in. We hereby urge you to disregard any other contact details parading itself as Recharge2Cash .

9.1) In a situation where a client allows his transaction to pass through another client before getting to us, Recharge2Cash wishes to state it categorically that the last person that had the direct contact with us will bear the full responsibility of the airtime he/she is sending. If by any means the airtime involved is faulted, we might be obligated to give out your details to the relevant authorities.

10.1) Your login details and passwords is very confidential, endeavor to keep it safe and personal. At the notice of any fraudulent activity on your account, do not hesitate to report to Recharge2Cash through our various support channels.

11.1) We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter these terms and conditions at any time. You must review this agreement on a regular basis to keep yourself apprised of any changes.
Recharge2Cash has the right, but is not obligated, to strictly enforce the TOU through self-help, community moderation, active investigation, litigation and prosecution.

12.1) BVN is your virtual ID card. Nobody can withdraw the money in your bank account with just your BVN, it is IMPOSSIBLE!
Corporate Firms require BVN to verify your true identity and nothing more. This is because people can forge an ID card with photo editing apps, but you can't totally do that with BVN because it captures your face, fingerprint and bank accounts.
1. Only airtime to cash transactions requires BVN verification
2. You don't need to verify your BVN to buy data.
So note that It is normal for a reputable firm like Recharge2Cash to ask for your BVN, and you shouldn't be afraid to provide it unless you're a fraudster who's here to commit fraud. That is what we will use to arrest anyone that sells stolen airtime to us.

So' You're still wondering how to go about it? ?




We do not not condone fraud or accept stolen Airtime. We advice you take our warning seriously as you will be arrested, prosecuted and jailed if found guilty.