Recharge2Cash Instructions


Hello, kindly follow these rules carefully to convert your airtime to cash successfully. Failure to adhere to so may lead to some setbacks.


  • On the Airtime to Cash page, choose the network you want to convert, type the credit amount and the phone number the airtime is in, then click on Continue Transaction.
    • Now, you will see a phone number you should transfer the airtime to.
    • Make sure you send the credit within 6 minutes to that number, then tap Convert Airtime.
    • Meanwhile, if you are not ready to send the airtime yet or you have exceeded the 6 minutes sharing time, simply click on Cancel, then try again when fully ready.
    • The phone number you wrote in the form must be the same with the one that sends the airtime.
    • The credit amount you provided must correspond with the amount you send to the Recharge2Cash number.
    • Failure to follow these instructions makes the system invalidates your request and tenders it void and invalid.
  • Please note that VTU is NOT accepted on Recharge2Cash.
  • Stolen or fraudulent airtime is NOT accepted and will get you arrested if found guilty.
  • If you have multiple airtime, you're only allowed to covert ₦20,000 per hour.
  • Once you have successfully transferred the airtime to the Recharge2Cash phone number, your wallet will be funded within 5 - 15 minutes then you can now withdraw to your local bank.


  • You may need to verify your Recharge2Cash account before converting your airtime to cash. Kindly head over to your Profile >> Account Verification and update your BVN and Identity documents.


NOTE: For all airtime to cash transactions, you are allowed to convert a maximum of#20,000 per HOUR on Recharge2Cash. 

  • MTN
    MTN Share (formerly Share ‘N’ Sell) maximum transfer (at once) is ₦5000, but daily transfer limit is ₦100,000 per SIM card.  For instance, if you want to convert 10k 
    airtime, you have to send 5k twice. To transfer, dial *600*phone number*amount*PIN# . If you don't have a PIN, your default PIN is 0000, and you can use 1234 as your new PIN. So, dial: *600*0000*1234*1234# to change your airtime transfer PIN to 1234. Please note that, if you have changed your airtime transfer PIN and can't remember it, you will need to contact your network provider (call 180) to reset it.

    Airtel Me2U has no limit on amount that can be transferred. But remember that here on Recharge2Cash, you are only allowed to convert a maximum of ₦20,000 per hour. Your default PIN is 1234. Kindly dial *432# and follow the on-screen prompt to change your default airtime transfer PIN. Once done, dial *432*1*phone number* amount*PIN# to transfer airtime. Please be aware, if you have changed your airtime transfer PIN and can't remember it, call 111 to help reset it.

    You can transfer ₦20,000 airtime at once on a 9mobile, meanwhile daily transfer limit is ₦100,000 per SIM card. Please be reminded of our 20k per hour policy! 9mobile's default airtime transfer PIN is 0000. You are required to change it to any 4 digit number of your choice by dialing *247*0000*NEWPIN# . If you have changed your airtime transfer PIN before and can't remember it, call 200 to help reset it. To transfer airtime, dial *223*PIN*amount*phone-number# .

  • GLO
    Glo EasyShare maximum transfer (at once) is ₦1000 but daily transfer limit is ₦6000. For instance you want to convert 5k airtime, you have to transfer 1k FIVE times. Your default airtime transfer PIN is 00000. Change it by dialing *132*OLDPIN*NEWPIN*NEWPIN# (Make sure new PIN is 5 digits), or call 121 if you have changed it before and can't remember. Dial *131*phone-number*amount*PIN# to transfer airtime.


  • You can fund your wallet using Airtime to Cash, bank deposit, bank transfer and online credit/debit card payments (Paystack).
    • Using debit card (Paystack), your wallet will be automatically and instantly funded.
    • Other means of funding takes 5 - 15 minutes. Sometimes, you may need to logout and login again for it to reflect in your R2C Wallet.
    • If you are making use of either bank deposit or mobile transfer, kindly use the transaction ID (displayed on Recharge2Cash) as your payment narration/description.
    • Fund in your R2C wallet can be used to buy internet data, pay bills or withdrawn to your local bank account in Nigeria.


  • To withdraw fund to your bank account, click on the withdrawal page, add your account details and then choose a PIN to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your fund.
    • Your account will be credited within 5 - 15 minutes.
    • Kindly be informed that you can ONLY withdraw fund from Airtime to Cash.
    • Other means of funding (e.g., bank deposit, mobile transfer, ATM Card/Debit Card/Paystack) cannot be withdrawn again into your bank account.
    • You can use just one bank account for each Recharge2Cash account, which can not be changed.
    • You can only change your bank details or withdrawal PIN on R2C by filling a support ticket to the admin.
    • You are required to complete your profile (add address, profile picture, private phone number, etc) before making withdrawals.


  • Recharge2Cash offers cheap data for MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile with fast delivery. Payment is deducted from wallet.


We appreciate your business relationship and thank you for choosing Recharge2Cash.

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We do not not condone fraud or accept stolen Airtime. We advice you take our warning seriously as you will be arrested, prosecuted and jailed if found guilty.